Striking, vivid and bold, Tingatinga is a style of painting that evokes the wild and exotic landscapes of Tanzania. Brilliantly colourful scenes of villagers at harvest, zebras frolicking at sunset, baboons on the march and elephants grazing at the summit of the iconic Mount Kilimanjaro transport you to another world, a surreal East African safari.

Developed in the second half of the 20th century in the Oyster Bay area of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, Tingatinga paintings are traditionally created using layers of bicycle paint, resulting in wonderfully rich colours that bring to life vibrant landscapes and scenes of wildlife.

Kili Tingatinga Art is a Melbourne-based business dedicated not only to bringing this unique painting style to Australia, but to helping the communities that create Tingatinga artwork, where poverty and hunger are everyday realities. Kili Tingatinga Art operates on fair-trade principles, buying original paintings directly from the artists, helping them support their families and communities.

 “Teach a man to fish and he will feed himself his whole life” is the guiding principle of this family-run business. Kili Tingatinga Art provides an opportunity for Tanzanian artists to make an income doing what they are passionate about – creating unique, vibrant scenes of life in East Africa. In a land where poverty and hunger are rife, Tingatinga artists are able to improve their lives with the help of Kili Tingatinga Art’s fair-trade principles.

Helping African Communities

Kili Tingatinga Art founder Yael Maree has seen first-hand the devastation wrought by poverty during her travels to third-world countries, including Tanzania in 2009. Yael’s time in the region impacted her deeply, but rather than return to Australia and live life as per usual, she decided to create a tangible fair-trade business that would provide financial independence and a sense of achievement for Tingatinga artists.

Tingatinga artists are highly skilled craftsmen and women who are passionate about their art and take great pride in their work. With Kili Tingatinga Art placing their works on the global stage, these exceptionally talented artists are finding the recognition they deserve and the financial independence they need.


Holidays that Make a Difference

sharing Kili Tingatinga Art’s passion to support African communities is Trailblazers Travel (, who specialises in responsible, sustainable and ecotourism.  Founded by Belinda Roach, the company believes in working with locals to create adventures that change the world. All their holidays, which includes affordable trips to Botswana, Zimbabwe and even a South Africa ( Big 5 Safari, give back to those less fortunate and allow you to choose the impact your travel makes. Visit their website for details, book in a call with Belinda, or get their newsletter to stay in the loop on their latest deals and early bird specials. They can’t wait to hear from you!